XХIIIth international scientific and practical online – conference “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of the XXIst century”

Dear Colleagues,
Thank you for participation in the XХIII Іnternational Scientific and Practical
Online Conference “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of the XXI Century”.
The conference was held online on May 19–20, 2022 using Zoom platform for all
conference sessions and meetings.
We wish everyone happiness, health, success and hope for further cooperation.
Best regards, Organizing Committee.

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to participate in the XХIII Іnternational Scientific and Practical Online Conference “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of the XXI Century”. The conference will be held on May 19–20, 2022. During the online conference, we will use Zoom for all conference sessions and meetings.

Presentations of the participants of the 2022 conference

Our participants are scientist, representatives of state structures, educational institutions and business, investors and foreign partners.

Dear conference participants!
You can join the conference on May 19-20, 2022 ( Kyiv time 10:00) in the ZOOM program by following the link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88315617448
When entering the conference, each speaker must write his / her last name and first name according to the Program.
Otherwise, the conference administrator will not be able to identify you and grant you the rights of speaker.

The purpose of the Conference is to discuss problems and development prospects of renewables. Among them are electricity production, wide use of bioenergy resources, heat supply systems and utilization of the heat of the Earth by harnessing solar power, wind power and hydropower potential, as well as measures aimed at energy saving and energy efficiency.

✓ Energy efficiency
✓ Combined hybrid RE systems
✓ Wind power
✓ Solar power
✓ Biomass Energy
✓ Hydropower
✓ Geothermal power
✓ Educational activity
✓ Hydrogen Energy
✓ Environmental energy (heat pumps)
✓ Smart grids

Ukrainian, Polish and English will be official conference languages.


The brief outline report (theses) should be submitted in Ukrainian, Polish, Russian or English.
It should have:
● The title, company name and the authors’ list in original language and in English.
● English abstracts (7–10 lines).
● Names and contact information (phones, mailing address, e-mail) for further correspondence.
The thesis should not exceed 4 pages A-5 typed in MS Word, all margins 2 cm (A-5 – 21*14.8 cm). Text Arial 11, 1.2 pt. Files should be e-mailed to tezyconf@gmail.com
Please name the file with the author’s first name, ORCID.

Please fill in online registration form via following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeCIQg9xyAhdKv-Q8DW-S9BwcavuotsiSZm3Rzm7uqtYsCS2g/viewform?usp=sf_link

Please, send your conference paper to tezyconf@gmail.com

Please note that final papers submission date is April 20, 2022

Best regards, Organizing Committee.