Hydrogen strategy of Ukraine

Over the past few years, the ability to achieve rapid results in the energy transition to new clean energy systems, in which hydrogen technology will play a central role, has become an increasingly important topic around the world. About 40 countries have already developed their strategies, roadmaps, and plans for the development of hydrogen technology for the period up to 2050-2060.

It is a great pleasure to note that Ukraine wants to join the group of those leading countries and developing its own hydrogen strategy has been under discussion for quite some time. To contribute to the rapid launch of the hydrogen industry in Ukraine our Institute developed the Draft Hydrogen Strategy of Ukraine and presented it in the public domain for wide discussion.

This work is the result of serious research on the resource base required for large-scale production of green hydrogen, namely: the natural energy potential of RES, water resources, and human and educational potential. To understand the experience of leading countries, we reviewed and analyzed the strategies, roadmaps and plans of almost all countries and internationally recognized energy companies and organizations that had such documents at the end of 2021. We consider the possibility of publishing finished analytical material.

The focus of the EU and most countries on the development of green hydrogen, and considering the natural potential of Ukraine’s RES, has prompted us to focus on green hydrogen. In our opinion, the use of grey hydrogen produced by use of fossil fuels or pink – produced by electrolysis of water from electricity from nuclear power plants should be considered exclusively for the transition period, which is aimed to achieve sufficient green hydrogen production.

Some may say that there is too much analytical material in this work, and some may think that there are not enough detailed actions and measures, and both opinions are valid. We are convinced that it is necessary to pay special attention to the issue of the cost of hydrogen and how the world’s leading countries legally and financially support the development of hydrogen. It is important to note here that our strategy does not provide public funding for the development of the industry, but only the creation of support mechanisms in the form of tax incentives and other support.

We encourage representatives of governmental organizations, local governments, businesses, NGOs, associations, and all stakeholders to take an active part in improving this document. The finished strategy will be submitted for consideration and adoption by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. We are ready to accept all comments and suggestions and discuss them openly, reasonably, and impartially. We have a twofold goal: to create a document that not only ensures the development of hydrogen technologies and energy sector, but also, thanks to the cumulative effect, can lead to the transition of Ukraine’s economy to a new, sustainable and innovative stage of development, independent from energy import.