Department of Integrated Power Systems

Head of the department – Dr. tech. Sciences Mykola Kuznetsov

The Department carries out fundamental and applied research in the field of physical and technical problems of integrated energy use of renewable energy sources of various kinds in order to:

  • increase the energy efficiency of energy supply systems through the combined use of renewable, traditional and non-traditional energy sources;
  • increase the reliability of electricity and heat supply systems based on renewable energy sources through the use of various energy storage systems;
  • mathematical modeling of processes in integrated energy supply systems and their individual elements for the rational choice of parameters and characteristics of energy supply systems and modes of their operation;
  • carry out the analysis of the current state of renewable energy in Ukraine and in the world, to formulate of the main problems of using renewable energy sources in Ukraine, substantiate the ways of solving them in the nearest future.

Among the main directions of research of complex power systems on the basis of renewable energy sources are:

  • forecasting trends in the development of renewable energy sources in Ukraine and in the world, taking into account the potential of renewable energy sources;
  • development of the theory of integrated use of energy from renewable sources and storage of electric and thermal energy;
  • development of methods for determining the optimal composition of combined energy systems based on renewable energy sources;
  • mathematical and physical modeling of parameters, characteristics and modes of operation of complex energy supply and storage systems, individual energy technology units;
  • opportunities and directions of hydrogen energy implementation.

The department provides scientific support for the government programs on renewable energy and non-traditional energy sources. Among others, “Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035”, proposals for the project “National Action Plan for Renewable Energy until 2030” and the “Hydrogen Strategy of Ukraine” should be mentioned.

Other joint implementations are:
Combined wind-solar installations: with Institute of Thermophysics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Problems of Materials Science named after IM Frantsevich NASU and NTUU “KPI named after I. Sikorsky”;
Hydrogen plants: together with Folkecentre (Denmark), Institute of Mechanical Engineering. A.M. Podgorny NASU
Integrated energy supply systems: together with NGO “Free Generation” (project “Eco-settlement”), research systems based on RES in the newly built premises of the IWE NASU on the Metrologichna vul. 48-50.