Department of Renewable Organic Energy Resources

Head of Department: Art. researcher, Ph.D. Klyus VP, tel. 044-206-28-09

The Department carries out fundamental and applied research in the field of physical and technical problems of energy use of renewable organic energy in order to:

– form perspective directions of use of the renewable organic energy carried for energy production;

– create a new types and optimization of operational parameters of existing bioenergy installations;

– assess to economic prospects and environmental impact of energy supply systems that use renewable organic energy;

– scientific support for the introduction into the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine of power plants using renewable organic energy sources;

– comprehensive promotion of scientific, technical and socio-economic development of bioenergy.

At this stage, research is being conducted in the following areas:

thermochemical conversion of biomass by partial and complete gasification into combustible gas, biochar and torefied fuel;

processing and utilization of bioorganic waste (solid household, sewage sludge, paper osprey, bird droppings);

development of scientific and practical bases of straw and vegetable waste incineration processes;

anaerobic treatment of wastewater contaminated with high molecular weight organic compounds and study of biogas production conditions with high content (over 70%) of methane.

Among the best examples of individual developments there are:

Plants for the production of biochar 

Production of torefied fuel from vegetable waste

Production of activated carbon from biomass

Carbonization of bird droppings

Thermal conversion of sewage sludge

Thermal processing of sewage sludge of cardboard and paper production 

Furnaces household gas-generating on biomassCombined power plant on RES